About Mark Rich, DA CPT LMT


MarkDevelopmental Aphabioticist, (DA) since 2006, teacher, coach, author and speaker.

Personal Trainer since 1994, certified through NASM (CPT), ACSM (HFI & CPT) and ACE (CPT), and has worked with numerous professional and semiprofessional athletes.

Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994, experienced in classical destressing Swedish, neuro-muscular therapy, deep tissue, sports, shiatsu, ortho-bionomy, chi nei tsang, hot stone massage, reflexology, whiplash and pre-natal massages.

Competitive Athlete for ten years in numerous swimming, running and triathlon races.

Holds black belts in Ninjutsu and the Art of Combat.

Undergraduate studies in Exercise and Health Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

As a committed lifelong learner of applied energetics and human health, Mark has studied with luminaries such as the deceased Chippewa medicine man Sun Bear, Master Mantak Chia, Stephen Hayes and Bud Malmstrom, Tom Brown Jr, Virgil Chrane Jr., Malcolm Ringwalt and many others.

Author of two books:
Energetic Anatomy®: Discussing the human energy system, chakra healing and meditation.
Intuition: How to master your skill to discern and follow your intuition using clear, time tested and proven knowledge and techniques.