alphabioticsdiagramAlphabiotics is the science of stress relief and stress recovery. In Alphabiotics we recognize that the power that made the body also has the power to heal the body once any internal interferences that we are putting on our own healing ability are removed. Balance is the key and the Alphabiotic Alignment is a non-therapeutic hands on process which helps us to balance the left and right sides of the brain which results in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual integration and balance. Our research has shown that the moment the alignment is given the brain “resets”, much like a computer rebooting, and weak muscles get strong, tense muscles relax and structural balance is regained. Your brain instantly shifts to the alpha state where healing, thinking, metabolism, relaxation and sleep are all profoundly and positively affected.

Alphabiotics offers proven, hands on way to come out and stay out of an inappropriate stress state. When this happens positive brain-wave activity becomes more apparent, the right and left hemispheres of the brain synchronize; there is better nerve and energy conductivity, and includes:

  • better body mechanics
  • improvement in muscle tone; less tension
  • increased immune function
  • better coordination; improved bilateral strength
  • better circulation; less discomfort
  • greater well-being, happiness and inner peace

Alphabiotics increases your body’s ability to respond, handle, and overcome daily negative stress, thereby speeding up healing and avoiding future illness. Since each person is individual, stress masks itself in different symptoms. The symptoms may look like headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, lack of focus, depression, internal system imbalances, etc.

I do not focus on your symptoms but rather helping you to stay in balance so that self healing can be optimized. As recently promoted in Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know by Kevin Trudeau, Alphabiotics is one of the top ways to reduce stress, think more clearly and maintain good posture. Invented in 1924, it is now being recognized as one of the new up and coming alleviators of physical, mental and emotional stress and if used consistently, can maintain your well being on a daily basis.

This gentle hands-on method is duplicatable, measurable and repeatedly demonstrates significant and positive changes physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s about helping you reconnect with your own inner source of power, wisdom and inspiration.


Initial Visit and First Follow-up Visit – $100

Subsequent Visits – $35

Package of 10 Subsequent Visits – $350