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energetic-anatomy-book-bg-by-mark-j-richAs a recognized authority in the field of integrating spiritual knowledge and practical daily living Mark Rich has studied and taught the use of human energetics to thousands of people. Decades ago his studies took him into the well known world of the chakras and the aura. Realizing that there was much more to the picture he immersed himself in the study of what he later came to call the Human Energy System. The Human Energy System is a more expansive and inclusive view of the aspects of ourselves that lie beyond, include and integrate with our physical bodies. The “chakras” and the “aura” are just the most commonly known structures of several which make up the Human Energy System. Each of these structures has a different function which contributes to our functioning as energetic beings. Skill in developing perception and use of these other structures takes a unique skill set which he has developed and improved through time. The subtle world of Energetic Anatomy® is complex and fascinating but it often takes an accomplished guide to help you to feel and distinguish between different structures and learn their productive use.

Marks passion in writing Energetic Anatomy® stemmed from a holistic spiritual perspective which he felt he needed to share with the world. This perspective was developed from years of training in the martial arts as well as many different kinds of bodywork, acupressure, acupuncture, shamanism, personal training, mentoring and movement skills which apply to any environment. As a committed lifelong learner of applied energetics and human health he has studied with luminaries such as the deceased Chippewa medicine man Sun Bear, Master Mantak CHia, Stephen Hayes and Bud Malmstrom, Tom Brown Jr, Virgil Chrane Jr., Malcolm Ringwalt and many others.

Today Mark is teaching others to experience the energetic realms through his book, seminars and talks. Energetic Anatomy® is the culmination of many years of discipline and effort. Everyone is capable of feeling, seeing, and using energy. With determination and consistent practice, anyone can change his or her reality, expanding into a more complete experience of life. The applications are endless. You can learn to simply shift out of the physical reality. You can learn to use energy to heal. You can become attuned to subtle energies in nature, learning from nature as a great teacher. You can gain greater ease in connecting directly with your inner guidance.

You will notice that Mark’s system is different and more comprehensive from others you may have seen. He teaches about structures not covered anywhere else. The “aura” is shown to be a complex layering of multiple systems, and the chakras, which he refers to as cones, are stripped of mysticism. Concrete details are given, describing the objective reality that is the Human Energy System. It makes a difference which direction you spiral your energy. Give and receive are of equal importance. These and many other details set this system apart. Energy structures are not made-up or subjective; they are like a femur or a liver, specific in form and function, universal in appearance to those who can see. Accuracy and precision are important. You need to know beyond doubt precisely what is there and what form it has, and how to use it effectively. Mark uses a scientific approach in researching and teaching energetics and his system produces results that others can easily grasp as they work towards mastery. This system is results oriented; the ideas are simple and concise and designed to be something that you can easily apply to daily life.

If you already have some experience as a healer or working with energy, this book can give you a clearer picture of the energetic system as a framework for further study. Developing awareness is a critical aspect of human psychology and developing effective human behavior and the use of the Human Energy System can aid you in this task. Healers and those that seek to help others in the best way possible are often the most sensitive, caring individuals around and Mark especially enjoys working with them. He also realizes that they have special needs, inherent to their work, which need to be addressed through their general approach to life, self care and health promotion. If you are one of these individuals, Energetic Anatomy® can be especially useful to you, as well as his spiritual coaching methods, to help you integrate your spiritual human nature and your physical human nature.

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