Energetic Anatomy® Energy Medicine in Person & Long Distance

healing-and-energy-readingsUsing a proprietary method of Reading Energy, Mark will first assess your body and Energy System. He will give you valuable feedback on the structures of your energy system and what he finds energetically on many levels.  As the work progresses he will clear dysfunctional entities from your energetic field, help to correct energetic and physical imbalances and clear negative energies. He will offer you guidance on a program of self empowerment, emotional health, and improvement of other aspects of your life.

The number of Energy Medicine sessions vary depending on your needs and desires. Mark uses special techniques for healing and utilizing the Human Energy System, Shamanic Healing and Empowerment techniques passed down from Lipan Apache Master Stalking Wolf, modalities from Master Mantak Chia and others. These techniques can have a profound effect on your spiritual orientation, general health, emotions, and awareness of your specific direction in your life. They can be done in person or remotely.

If treatments are done remotely you can be anywhere in the world to receive them. Because there is no physical contact during these sessions they are conducted in spiritual reality. Spiritual reality does not have the constrictions of time or space thus they can be used when someone isn’t in close proximity.


Purchase by the hour and a half